Утекли все достижения Tomb Raider I-III Remastered, владельцев PlayStation 5 оставили без платины

Классические игры Tomb Raider возвращаются. В ходе приключений Лары Крофт можно будет выбить множество трофеев

14 февраля 2024 года ожидается релиз сборника Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara Croft. Классические игры про приключения Лары Крофт возвращаются в обновлённом формате на ПК, а также консоли PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch.

В сети появились списки трофеев (достижений) Tomb Raider I-III Remastered. Судя по имеющейся информации, платину, т.е. специальное достижение за сбор всех остальных, можно будет выбить только на PlayStation 4, а вот владельцы PlayStation 5 «пролетают».

Список трофеев Tomb Raider 1 Remastered  (а здесь можно ознакомиться со списками трофеев Tomb Raider 2 Remastered и Tomb Raider 3 Remastered).

Предстоит пройти Tomb Raider 1 Remastered менее чем за 5 часов, также предусмотрено прохождение игры в режиме New Game+. 


  • Featuring Lara Croft – Collect all trophies in Tomb Taider I

Серебряные трофеи (2)

  • I Only Play for Sport! – Finish game in less than 5 hours
  • Hardy Raider – Beat the game without using any medipacks

Бронзовые трофеи (97)

  • The Unfound Tomb of Qualopec – Finish Peru chapter
  • Look Over Us Kindly, Tihocan – Finish Greece chapter
  • Little Vacation Riot’s Over – Finish Egypt chapter
  • The Cataclysm of Atlantis – Finish Atlantis chapter
  • Codex of Peru – Find all secrets in Peru
  • Codex of Greece – Find all secrets in Greece
  • Codex of Egypt – Find all secrets in Egypt
  • Codex of Atlantis – Find all secrets in Atlantis
  • Not So Late for the Prize Giving! – Defeat Pierre
  • Pain in Your Brain! – Defeat Larson
  • It’s Personal Now! – Defeat Cowboy
  • Yes, I’m Firing at You! – Defeat Skater enemy
  • Cheese! – Defeat Bald Enemy
  • Kind of Evolution on Steroids – Defeat Natla’s new breed
  • Yes, I Can! – Defeat the third Ruler of Atlantis
  • Welcome to My Home! – Complete all exercises in Lara’s Home
  • Do Uzi This One? – Get hidden Uzis in Egypt
  • Shell Sucker! – Defeat Bald enemy using shotgun
  • Bullseye! – Swan dive in a hole with water surrounded by fire
  • Leave Them Sucking Wind – Defeat every possible enemy in one walkthrough
  • Secret Door – It’s not right time to be here. There’s a door for you.
  • You Corner Bug! – Get unreachable medipack in Palace Midas
  • Curses, Like Chickens, Come Home to Roost – Finish Natla with her own production guns
  • Au Revoir! – Make Pierre go away using magnums
  • Midas’ Touch – Become golden Lara
  • Deadline – Find all 36 ways to die
  • Raid Not Kill – Do not hurt T-Rex
  • T-Rextinct – Defeat T-Rex
  • Pharming Health – Collect all medipacks in a single level
  • Clever Girl – Don’t let velociraptors bite you in Peru
  • Mummy, I’m Scared! – Make one of Qualopec’s guardians fall down
  • After Us the Deluge! – Make all shuttered floor panels crash on a single playthrough
  • So Salacia – Come out of water on your last breath in Neptune’s room
  • I Am No Heracles – Climb upside unharmed before boulder ends its ways in Atlas’ room
  • You Are Really Loki – Don’t let thunder hit you ni Thor’s room
  • Dionysious’ Wisdom – Let only one sword hurt you in Damocles’ room
  • Tempered Lara – Catch fire abd put it out with water
  • Hard Boiled – Beat the game using only Lara’s guns
  • Tomb Cleaner – Take every collectable item in a single walkthrough
  • Play It Like You Did on a Console in 1996 – Save 86 times or less in a single walkthrough
  • Shelley’s Encore – Make Lara scream twice while falling
  • The Apex Predator – Defeat a wolfe while you are both in the air
  • Pet This Cat – Do a handstand on the Sphinxes face
  • Dances With Wolves – Gather 11 wolves in front of 4 toltec warriors
  • Ave, Lara! – Stand in emperor’s box and sentence 10 animals on the arena to death
  • Only the Brave Deserve the Fair – Swan dive to the floor from a maximum height to stay alive
  • Lethal and Loaded – Find the shotgun before collecting any cogs
  • Exaggerated Threat – Defuse all swords in Damocles without being hurt
  • On Incredible Tales – Let centaurus live in Greece
  • Kong’s Fate – Make the gorilla from the arena die at the highest point possible
  • Enter the Crocodile – Take 6 items underwater in one breath
  • Be Like Prince – Don’t get hurt through your doppelganger
  • Consolidate the Material – Beat the game on New Game+
  • Thor’s Mercy – Let the block fall on your head in Thor’s room
  • I’m Not Falling for This Trick – Take a secret in Natla’s Mines without stepping on trap slide
  • Watch Your Step – Where the pyramid meets the water, step on only one surface square
  • Feast Your Eyes on This! – Take a close look at tons of gold
  • May They Rest in Ukhu Pacha – Take a close look at two incan mummies
  • Circus of Vilcabamba – Look at the bears standing on hind legs
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes? – Take a close look at the snakes
  • Kon-Tiqsi-Wiraqucha – Go in to get the gold idol and exit through the same window
  • It’s About Time – Take a close look at all ancient time devices
  • QTN – Stand on the thrones of all three rulers
  • There’s So Much to Remember Here – Open Photo Mode
  • Like Dorothy – Use a level skip cheat code
  • DLC: Unfinished Business Miu – Finish Shadow of the Cat levels
  • Business Is Finished – Finish Unfinished Business levels
  • Codex of Cat – Find all secrets in Egypt
  • Codex of Hive – Find all secrets in Atlantis
  • Emergency Escape – Finish Atlantean Stronghold level in less than 5 minutes
  • Gifts of Wonderland – Take every collectable item in a single walkthrough
  • Bastet’s Stash – Get hidden Uzi ammo in Return to Egypt level
  • To Arms – Get all weapons in Atlantis levels
  • Let’s Stretch Together – Do a handstand near the highest cat statue in front of the temple
  • How Do I Get It? – Squeeze in for a medipack
  • Roll, Action! – Make all the boulders except that one roll in a single playthrough
  • On Tiptoes – Avoid triggering the boulders until using any of two levers across the room
  • Not Too Late – Defeat every atlantean creature in Unfinished Business levels
  • Down the Rabbit Hole – Make a long swan dive for someone who is winking at you
  • Alone in the Dark – Die in a very dark mysterious place
  • I’m Not a Pin – Jump over two boulders outside without taking damage
  • Like Alice – Listen to the biggest cat face under the night sky
  • That Belongs in a Museum! – Take a close look at the preserved egyptian vase
  • Cat’s Cunning – Enter the temple without moving two adjacent blocks
  • No Feline Vision – Turn on the lights in the temple
  • Sokoban – Get all secret items and leave the room by moving the blocks no more than 24 times
  • Pitfall – Get out of the trap room alive leaving it clear
  • Schmitty’s Leap – Get the secret on the high rock makibg a swan dive jump
  • Crocodile Rock – Get all items without killing any crododiles there
  • Exhausted – Take Lara so far into the desert that she dies
  • Ben-Hur – Defeat two centaurs in the arena using only Lara’s pistols without taking damage
  • Leap of Faith – Swan dive to the hole in the end of Atlantean Stronghold level
  • I See Goals, I Don’t See Obstacles – Do not use slides to take the only secret in The Hive
  • Lucky Diver – Collect eleven underwater items on one breath
  • Not the First Raider Here – Stare at Lara’s ancient image on the wall for 5 seconds
  • Jaws of Death – Jump over the three boulders on the center road on the way to the cat image without getting hurt
  • Behind Cat’s Eyes – Checkout what those big eyes are hiding

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